Does it take 200 hours to make pleats ?

Pleats are a bit of an enigma. As pretty as they come, my biggest question concerning pleats are how do they stay put, like they do. Wash after wash, they remain true to their nature. If Dior is [...]

Vaishnavi, Artist

In conversation with Vaishnavi a student of art and an aspiring artist. Where did you grow up? I grew up in Chennai What do you do and what would you like to do in the future ? I’m [...]

Where Do You Find Backpacks ?

I am hopelessly addicted to backpacks. I prefer them over handbags and slings any day. The reason being, they never go out of style. Having carried them all through school and college, I love how [...]

How to UnCancel Your Travel Plans

Two years ago, I booked my tickets to Vietnam five months in advance because an airline was offering incredibly low fares. This trip had to be cancelled because of a work emergency, and I lost [...]

4 Jackets Men Can Try This Summer

April weather in Bangalore can be crazy. While it is warming up for May, April showers is a phenomenon. Sometimes you experience different kinds of weather, all in the day. So, how do you look [...]

Which Is Your Summer Moisturizer?

Until a year ago, moisturizers weren’t big on my spend list. It is safe to say that I now am a convert and a staunch advocate of moisturizers. Supple, hydrated and non-greasy skin is the [...]