Deviating slightly from what I normally post in this section. Instead, I bring to you the colorful street style fashion of store owners in Shivajinagar (A prime market area in the heart of the [...]

Top 10 Indian Fashion blogs

Best Indian Fashion Blogs Vintage Obsession is the best Indian Fashion blog for getting Latest Fashion Trends and Street Style in India. Vintage Obsession –India Fashion blogs , Latest [...]

Does oiling your hair really work?

Oiling my hair was a one stop blanket solution for all things related to hair. Hair fall, lifeless stresses and stress relief.  May have to do with my South Indian upbringing, but I am quite glad [...]

How to clean your white sneakers

I recently bought a pair of white sneakers from Vans, and I am in love with it! So much that I don’t wear it often for the fear of getting them dirty. I figured the only way I’ll ever use it in [...]

Giveaway – Note Book from No-mad

It’s Monday, which means it’s giveaway time again! Remember the time I introduced you to my favorite home decor store No-mad, whose lookbook is like art? Today’s giveaway is [...]

Mihaela Noroc, Photographer

The Romanian photographer I am currently in awe of, Mihaela Norac is travelling around the world ( 37 countries and counting) to create an ” Atlas of Beauty”. She quit her job two [...]

Giveaway – Card Holder From Holii

Every Monday starting today, will be giveaway Mondays! The idea behind this blog was to discover art, artists, designs and designers and to share my travel experiences while I also understand my [...]