Postcards by The Ink Bucket

I used to send postcards to friends from everywhere I went. The idea of a handwritten note with stamps on it was a romantic one in my head. In retrospect, trusting the Indian Postal System with [...]

One Skirt Three Ways

Growing up, buying clothes was a phenomenon. It would be for birthdays, festivals, marriages or a special occasion that required prim dressing. So, careful thought was put into what I wanted [...]

Trend Alert: Indigo

When Sonica Kapur invited me to go through her new indigo collection, by the end of it, you could call me impressed. It was not the just the designs, but it was also her approach to [...]

Devesh, Art Director

  When I first started working in a corporate organization, the concept of dressing up for work, which was so different from college dressing, excited me more than the job itself! I was 22, [...]