Asmi, Fashion Blogger

In conversation with Asmi Shetty, Fashion Blogger from Bangalore. Where did you grow up? I grew up in the pretty little city of Mangalore amidst beautiful beaches and lush green foliage. What are [...]

Have You Bought Your Rakhis?

Rakhi is not a major South Indian festival. However, while growing up, I would diligently buy Rakhi for my brother. He would get bored of them in an hour, I was sure of it and I would pick it up [...]

6 Simple Coconut Oil Recipes For Your Hair

After a two week trip to Bhutan, my hair was at its worst! A new environment can wreak havoc on your hair.You have to allow time for your hair to get adjusted to a new setting, meanwhile ensure [...]

Five Funny Things From The Internet

It’s the Weekend! I don’t want to post a long story of what I did or how I feel or throw an opinion. Instead I have a bunch things (All light reads) from around the internet that will make [...]

Cinnamon – The Boutique Store

If you like lifestyle boutique stores as much as I do, then Cinnamon will appeal to you, as much as it does to me. Also, there aren’t many stores like this in Bangalore. Lifestyle boutique [...]

Where To Buy Organic Beauty Products?

My dermat is full of indelible pieces of advice. Out of which I have a couple of favorites! He said anytime you have a skin issue that you think is taking your life! Wear an outrageous hat and [...]

There Is Always A Taxi For Sure

I write this from the back seat of a chauffeur-driven car while I am on my way to attend a pub crawl with a bunch of foodies. It’s raining outside, actually pouring incessantly is a better [...]