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Serial, the podcast got me hooked on to the idea of podcasts in general. I discovered a whole new world of entertainment that teased your senses and allowed your imagination to run wild! And now I can’t stop googling “Best Podcasts Of All Time”, in search of that perfect podcast.

Here are six podcasts I am currently listening.

Sampler: A podcast about podcasts. Sampler brings to you the best moments from the world of podcasts. It is a good way of discovering other podcasts but also serves as an alternative way of keeping up with all the podcasts. Honestly, you can only subscribe and listen to a limited number at any given time. In the latest episode I discovered that Hedy Lamar, an actress was instrumental in developing the WiFi. She wanted to help the army during the WWII and invented a device that helped shift frequencies at random but in unison, with her neighbour and a fellow inventor. Thereby, helping the army in operating weapons remotely. Heidi wanted to quit the movies and become a full-time innovator, but the government at the time told her that she would be better off helping them advertise and sell bombs! Jaw Drops!

A side effect of this, going forward, you will own dinner party conversations.

Serial, Season 2: After Adnan’s case ended on Serial, I briefly stopped listening to podcasts because nothing felt as good as this show. Then, season 2 of Serial started. It is about an American soldier who walks away from his platoon during the Afghan war, gets captured by the Taliban and spends five years in imprisonment. He is back in the States now and is being court marshalled. At the time, I wasn’t sure if the life of an American soldier appealed to me. But sure enough, its Serial, you cannot, not try it. I started listening to it after almost eight episodes, and I now wait for a new episode every week, diligently. Sarah Koenig sure knows how to tell a story.  What a talent!

Modern Love: Other than some of the melancholic stories almost all the essays that appeared in the Modern Love column in the New York Times, I savoured.  And when Modern Love the podcast was announced, I was ecstatic. May I add that the reader submitted stories narrated by famous personalities such a Dakota Fanning, Jason Alexander and others make for a romantic third wheel during drives with your beloved ones.

Stuff You Should Know: There is a hell a lot of stuff we should know about, but don’t. You can’t google everything. How do Duality of Caffeine work? Is Sir Isaac Newton, the greatest scientist of all time? What is the deal with poop! ( Yup, you read it correctly). A rotating panel of pro-am discusses everything you ideally should know about from Howstuffworks.com.

Is that how this works” moment happens every 10 minutes.

Welcome To The Night Vale: Is one of the most popular podcasts after Serial is what I hear. It is a work of fiction.  Updates from a small desert town of Night Vale via the local radio channel, featuring mysterious lights in the night sky, dark hooded figures with unknowable powers, cultural events, announcements from the local Sheriff’s radio and everything strange that surrounds the town. Don’t listen to this while cooking. It can be hazardous to this dish in preparation.

Theory of Everything: The first episode is called ” The Clouds”. It starts with Justin Bieber talk. About him joining Twitter on May 11, 1999, and then joining Instagram on July 11, 2011, and what it meant to the folks of Twitter and Instagram at the time. I was ready to give up on this podcast within the first 4 minutes, but then it immediately moved on to explain how the Bieber story is a precursor to describing the birth of abstract theory called ‘cloud computing.’ The technological breakthrough is an Amazon brainchild and has been instrumental in shaping modern day internet as we know it.  Almost all of the episodes in the podcast will blow your mind. The podcast talks about everything from loneliness to social media to randomization.

My current favourite episode is “When You’re Lonely, Life Is Very Long

The Mystery Show: Has only five episodes. I’d read good reviews of the show and was hesitating to hit the play button on the first episode because when a good show ends, I end up having post-series depression.

The host, Starlet Kine aims at solving mysterious that are not solved. And a simple google search should not yield the result. Starlee takes up new mysteries with every episode. From video stores disappearing to someone noticing something odd in a movie, mysterious are being solved one episode at a time.

P.S Don’t expect X-Files levels of mystery.

I’d love to spend more time with my ear phone stuck to my ear. If you have any favourites please be kind and share it with me.

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