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A very Vintage place To be

Maxi dress

 I have been told I don’t go out and explore Pune enough by multiple people on a regular basis . One Saturday evening Mr Lensor told me this place had to be visited and photographed was uber excited to get of the jammies and go explore  .It’s  a piece of land somewhere on the outskirts of the city (will get my geography right and update the exact location ) with beautiful tress as if planted on purpose in an inclined manner.It’s vast , it’s creepy and beautiful an eclectic mix of weirdness . Has a haunted looking structure placed as if it popped out of no where. However just outside the perimeter of the loner land peaceful city life co-exists.

Pictures by The Lensor , Anants Flickr Find him on FACEBOOK

maxi dress tribal belt

maxi dress and tribal belt


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“A very Vintage place To be”

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