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Have you ever wondered how bottled water does more harm than good ? It

 I have issues buying packaged water for valid reasons of course. In case you are looking for one, watch this video. They are harmful to the environment and end up consuming a lot of resources in its making. Did you know that you need 3 litres of clean water to produce of 1 litre of packaged water? Given its lifecycle, it doesn’t take a genius to conclude that packaged water causes more harm than the good it’s supposed to serve.

And now, I think, I’ve found a much-needed solution for carrying drinking water on the go. And it does not involve lugging around bottles. So this might strike your fancy too!

On a recent trip, I landed up spending more on packaged water than what my dessert would cost. So everyone morning before leaving home, I would resolve to carry a bottle of water and intend to refill it along the way.
As eco -friendly/pocket-friendly this idea was, it didn’t work in my favour because often I would end up losing the bottle of water as I had to hand hold it through the day. It didn’t fit most of the bags I was carrying, and when it did, I was too scared if it would scratch my camera.
I came back and was researching to see what solved my case. Exactly how I found this Kickstarter campaign called Aquabook.
Aquabook ~ genius drinking is a customizable water bottle gene that combines sustainability, design and convenience.



The design is the shape of a book. Hence the name. Thanks to this, the bottle fits into bags of almost all sizes. You don’t have to hand hold it around. German made comes in various colours, gold being my favourite! (Matches my phone) They let you personalize it with your name, your favourite quote or a mark.


The Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for this is on till the 11th of November. If the idea of sustainability, reusability, and repurposing excites you, then you must consider supporting this campaign. The traditional bottle had to evolve and aquabook is engineered in that direction.

Find them here on Kickstarter.

P.S They not offer the bottle, but a cleaning kit comes along with it.  Because cleaning your aquabook is essential. Exclusive cleaning tabs and the aquabrush is on offer too. These accessories will facilitate the cleaning procedure – ensuring that your aquabook is perfectly clean.

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  • neeta s potdar

    Where can i buy the aquabook?

  • felix

    You can pre-order an aquabook at 🙂

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