Nilu, Fashion Blogger

You probably recognise Nilu Yuleena Thapa from her immensely popular fashion blog ” Big Hair Loud Mouth”. Her blog may be a visual diary of the latest trends in fashion, but here Ms Thapa decided [...]

Neemrana | Restored Boutique Hotels

Way back in 2011, when I used to walk my dog diligently, admiring houses that were fastidious with respect to design, pertaining to a different era was one of my favourite things to do. These [...]

Gemma Correll, Illustrator

Illustrators who make folly are my favorites. Also, as a fully grown person with very little drawing talent illustrators like Gemma Correll make me especially happy. And it definitely helps that [...]

Gunjan Jain, Designer

Gunjan Jain is a Bhubaneshwar based designer and her design studio Vriksh produces handloom sarees that are beautifully weaved. If you are a connoisseur of hand loom sarees, Vriksh by Gunjan Jain [...]

Shambhavi & Abhishek, Designers

I met Shambhavi and Abhishek while they were manning the Anavila stall at a textile and handloom exhibition.  The duo are textile designers at Anavila. The brand Anavila creates beautiful [...]