Unlimited Summer Looks At The Unlimited Store

Popular to contrary belief no paparazzi is chasing to take pictures of me at events! Because I had to skim through a folder full of images to locate about four to five pictures of me from the [...]

Ola to my lady driver!

What is it that makes your drive back home instantly better? The thought of getting home to warm food, some quality TV time and a good night’s sleep of course but  before that it definitely has [...]

A Neurotic’s Guide To Small Talk

Did you read this hilarious Guide To Small Talk? It’s like a thoughtful gift from a dear friend. That is how much I resonate with it. I am deadbeat when it comes to acing small talk. I’ve [...]

6 Podcasts I Am Currently In Love With

Serial, the podcast got me hooked on to the idea of podcasts in general. I discovered a whole new world of entertainment that teased your senses and allowed your imagination to run wild! And now [...]

My Yoga Regime Update With The House Joy

It’s been a successful one month with my House Joy Yoga teacher. And I have gotten into the grove of waking up early and practising yoga. Finally! I tried a couple of teachers before [...]