Pune is getting unbearably hot , frying my brains hot. I had a short impromptu trip back to my favorite place Bangalore and in the middle of whats supposed to be summer temperature is [...]

And we are Back

It’s been over a month and it seems the blog managed to survive.Now that i’am back to having all the time in the world posts hopefully shouldn’t be sporadic anymore . [...]

Pleated Skirt

Posts here are getting quite sporadic ,it’s just after what looks like a never ending day which includes my weekends, gets a little difficult to come back and schedule a [...]


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Jean Dress

I lived all my life in Bangalore ,then no fashion bloggers event happened there , now that i moved to Pune i have one new invite every week to experience something super cool , most of [...]


Currently wants to follow the “UFO religion “,Sing Pariquel by Peter cat recording at a Karaoke Bar ,Read random one-liners about Rajnikanth and say LOL in my head [...]


Off late the highlight off my evenings are  finding the  perfect cafe which serves the most delicious mouth watering hot -Chocolate-Walnut pie and yummy coffee in cute little mugs [...]

Maxi Skirt

 I’am missing some of my favorite people in the world and my lovelies -doggies like crazy . Apart from that i miss Bangalore coz it lets me  wear red/violet wayfarers , long maxi [...]


If i had to come up with one word that  described the feeling in my head off late ,rather the past month i would say “snooze” . Perpetually sleepy and hungry .I watched [...]


In the past year I’ve realized that a camera which is remotely fancy looking can make people act like absolute nut cases in front of you since for some reason the person holding it [...]

Forever New

One of the main highlights of moving to Pune was I thought I’ll get to visit Mumbai and all the fun places around (read Goa). Also I was super thrilled about the Lakme Fashion [...]


This was taken the evening i left Bangalore , Ruhi and I met up did exactly the same things we always do together , first clicked some pictures and later hung out at one our favorite cafe’s [...]