Social Rehab – To Mingle, Play And Stay

Stay is my biggest concern while travelling.  Safe, clean places that fit budgets are rare! But places that also offer solid company from around the world are pretty much unheard of, at least in [...]

6 Essentials In The Name Of Beauty

Everything I learnt about beauty my mom taught me! She is a working woman, who had to raise two kids and look after the brood of dogs I adopted off the streets. So, it left her with little time [...]

4 Fun Instagram Accounts

Instagram is one of my favorite go-to places for inspiration, for discovery and artistic voyeurism. Bringing to you four of my favorite Instagrammers for your viewing pleasure. In case, you were [...]

The Treatment Your Damaged Hair Needs

First try and avoid damaging your hair. But, if you already happen to then you might want to try the good old coconut oil therapy. Why is everyone harping about the goodness of coconut oil?  For [...]

Pick Up A Skill At Pineroots Art Cave

If you are utterly disappointed with the lack of cultural spaces that enables you to pick up hobbies, then Pineroots Art Cave will come in as a handy recommendation. An art store located in the [...]

How To Discover On The Internet ?

I have a serious problem with paying attention. To remain focused on what I am currently doing takes a lot of effort.  I am easily distracted. Notifications on my phone (Therefore all my pop up [...]

You Need A New Mirror, Where To Buy?

When I moved into my new place, the first thing I bought was wall décor. Frames and mirrors. Frames were a functional need as, an old carpenter made gigantic holes on my wall in the name of [...]

Asmi, Fashion Blogger

In conversation with Asmi Shetty, Fashion Blogger from Bangalore. Where did you grow up? I grew up in the pretty little city of Mangalore amidst beautiful beaches and lush green foliage. What are [...]

Have You Bought Your Rakhis?

Rakhi is not a major South Indian festival. However, while growing up, I would diligently buy Rakhi for my brother. He would get bored of them in an hour, I was sure of it and I would pick it up [...]

6 Simple Coconut Oil Recipes For Your Hair

After a two week trip to Bhutan, my hair was at its worst! A new environment can wreak havoc on your hair.You have to allow time for your hair to get adjusted to a new setting, meanwhile ensure [...]

Five Funny Things From The Internet

It’s the Weekend! I don’t want to post a long story of what I did or how I feel or throw an opinion. Instead I have a bunch things (All light reads) from around the internet that will make [...]