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Oversize Bag

oversize bag

oversize bag

oversize bag

oversize bag

Bag It Up

Bags can prove to be one of the most important accessories that you choose to invest in. After all, most women take their bag with them everywhere they go, and tend to feel a little lost without it. With this in mind, here is a brief guide to bag-buying this year.

A Good Size

Bag’s look best when they’re not crammed full – so if that means sometimes you need to use a bigger bag, so be it. You’re more than likely to find that the bag sizes you’ll require will vary – Say for example if it’s a fun filled day at the beach you would carry a differently sized one than what you would carry say  if you were just popping over to a friend’s house for a cup of tea and a game of FoxyBingo.I used to carry bags which looked like my whole room could fit into it plus oversize bag designs are often more flattering when paired with your outfit as a whole.

Seasonal Shopping

Just like clothes, bag styles are seasonal too and just like how we don’t wear a pair of shorts and walk around in winter, a wintery design can clash with summer styles when it comes to bags as well. Go for a one made in darker leather shades during the cooler months, and then switch to fabric or wicker bags in lighter shades as the weather warms up. You may want to make sure that any bag which you use during the monsoons is also relatively waterproof.

Quality and Compartments

Unlike clothes,we tend to repeat bags more often. In this case, you will want to make sure that the bag you choose to buy is of a good quality – otherwise wear and tear will eat away your bag in a very short span of time. If you tend to keep things like house keys or mobile phones loose in your bag make sure you pick one with ample compartments inside just so that the world inside your bag need not be disturbed just to pull out a pair of keys.It only looks good when Phoebe does it in Friends.

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