How To Discover On The Internet ?

I have a serious problem with paying attention. To remain focused on what I am currently doing takes a lot of effort.  I am easily distracted. Notifications on my phone (Therefore all my pop up [...]

You Need A New Mirror, Where To Buy?

When I moved into my new place, the first thing I bought was wall décor. Frames and mirrors. Frames were a functional need as, an old carpenter made gigantic holes on my wall in the name of [...]

Cinnamon – The Boutique Store

If you like lifestyle boutique stores as much as I do, then Cinnamon will appeal to you, as much as it does to me. Also, there aren’t many stores like this in Bangalore. Lifestyle boutique [...]

One Skirt Three Ways

Growing up, buying clothes was a phenomenon. It would be for birthdays, festivals, marriages or a special occasion that required prim dressing. So, careful thought was put into what I wanted [...]

Where Do You Find Backpacks ?

I am hopelessly addicted to backpacks. I prefer them over handbags and slings any day. The reason being, they never go out of style. Having carried them all through school and college, I love how [...]

Prints For You?

I am a firm believer of Capsule Wardrobe. But my idea of one, is slightly skewed. I replace solids with prints, gravitate towards beautiful textiles and patterns and prefer colors to blacks and [...]

Shopping list for the week {Week – 14}

For no particular reason, a better part of last week was spent ogling at bags online.  So this weeks list contains only bag recommendations from some of my favorite Indian fashion brands and [...]

Gaatha- A tale of crafts

 In India, most of the folk and handicrafts artists don’t graduate from art schools or for that matter have any formal education. They mostly bequeath their skills from earlier generations. [...]

Shopping list of the week {Week 13}

I am not much of a shopper but that doesn’t stop me from ogling and bookmarking links for various nonchalant reasons like – in case, future reference, good to know, can do no harm. If [...]


If your are looking to gift whimsically this holiday season, Pilgrim store on Church Street, Bangalore should be on you’re list of places to buy from. Characteristic stores with vintage [...]

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