Sankeerthi’s Silver Jewelry

I met Sankeerthi at Chitra Kala Parishath in Bangalore a long time ago. She was busy with her jewelry stall, and I was utterly fascinated to have stumbled upon “Rabbit Out Of The Hat”. We then [...]

Shambhavi & Abhishek, Designers

I met Shambhavi and Abhishek while they were manning the Anavila stall at a textile and handloom exhibition.  The duo are textile designers at Anavila. The brand Anavila creates beautiful [...]

Rashi Agarwal – The Bag Designer

  In conversation with Rashi Agarwal. A bag designer specializing in leather. She is currently based out of Pondicherry. We shot all these pictures at cafe Des Arts in Pondicherry and in her [...]

Boy In A Bow Tie : Ambrish Sonari

    Where did you grow up and what did you major in?  I am from Paderu. It is a hilly town located near Viskhapatnam in Andhra Pradesh. I then moved to Delhi, for my Masters. I have a [...]

Screen printing with Print Journal

  (Photo, Print Journal)   A pattern stenciled on a woven mesh and a fill blade or popularly called as the squeegee that drips ink on printable materials, is Screen Printing 101 for [...]