A vegetarian’s food guide – Kochi

I’ve been a vegetarian all my life, yet most times I can never tell the difference between a vegetarian and a non vegetarian dish. Innumerable times I’ve confused chicken nuggets with [...]

Commercial Street

For those of us who grew up in the 90′ s Bangalore, Commercial Street will always hold a special place in our hearts. This was the time Bangalore was still the pensioner’s paradise [...]

Road trip to Ooty

What do you do when you four days to spare ? Road trip!! You pack a backpack and head straight to Ooty and be a part of an awesome music festival meanwhile freeze to death, in between eat Ooty [...]

Mia By Tanishq

An eclectic mix of drinks, food, beautiful women and jewelry is what the Tanishq team promised on a rainy Saturday afternoon. The invite was enticing and the venue, Humming Tree is one of my [...]

Leaping Windows

  Since I have been absent from the blog for a long time, let’s break the awkward silence with a song  and an eating place recommendation maybe ?Ruhi introduced me to this beautiful [...]

Hyderabad Diaries Part 1

Couple of weeks ago, I made a quick trip to Hyderabad and it was full of surprises. Did not stop for long but spent sufficient time to fall in love with the place. Modern and antique peacefully [...]

Eat Shoots and Pray

  I ate the best carrot cake of my life among other things while sipping on some heavenly chrysanthemum tea and watching people conduct their daily affairs.. Do not be rigid about where you [...]