Norbulingka Institute

Located in the scenic town of Dharmsala, Norbulingka institute was set up to preserve the Tibetan art and culture. It also serves as an Educational Institute for a lot of Tibetans who are refuges [...]

Vantage Point

If you need to experience a stark contrast from your current city farmer state. I suggest you head to the hilly Himalayan region. Take long breakfast breaks on cafes, lined along the pavement. [...]

City Pockets

I recently attended a photography lighting workshop. A lovely grand old man spoke about lights and how to utilize it favorably at all hours. How to work the light angels et al. It was a Saturday [...]

Prim and Polished

21 days to make a habit is what I  always believed in. However Manicures and Pedicures don’t follow the norm. As strange as it may sound, I rarely indulge in girly activities.  Jaws might [...]

Vanishing Accessories

I always find myself in the midst of an accessory crisis. Reasons being I’m a stingy accessory buyer and whatever little I have, can never seem to find them.  I bought this particular [...]

Put Some New Shoes On

 Happy New Year you guys, It’s a week too late to be saying this but it is never a bad time to exchange pleasantries. Started the year with some new shoes. Hoping shoes are going to be in [...]


  One of my art teacher friends was conducting an illustration workshop. The idea of sketching has always fascinated me. It is another story that my sketching dexterity is zilch. It was a [...]

Khaki on Prints

   I absolutely dig minimalism. Sans overly accessorized looks are so magnetic. All it takes is a t-shirt with some prints on them, khaki trousers a nice big hat, school girl braids, [...]

Round Framed And Glassed

These John Lennon esque sunglasses have become my go to off late, it’s funny how I pick my favorite pieces and wear them till it becomes quite unbearable.The  perfect geometry these round [...]