Encounters with Esha

As you all know, my tastes are ever-changing. From cup-cakes to grass-wheat shots, I have a new interest every month! And you know what I need to help me turn these interests into full-blown [...]


  Switching to Fujifilm x100s from the world of DSLRs, has been one of the best experiences so far. My incredibly generous mother’s New Year gift to me and I cannot be grateful enough. [...]

A New Year Toast

New Year resolutions have never worked in my favor, so I stopped making them a long time ago. Instead every new year, I make a list of things that will help me recreate myself and move an inch [...]

Commercial Street

For those of us who grew up in the 90′ s Bangalore, Commercial Street will always hold a special place in our hearts. This was the time Bangalore was still the pensioner’s paradise [...]

Solo Travel

  I love to travel with company. More often than not my plans don’t work out because of different schedules  and not so compatible travel itineraries. This is  one of the reasons why I [...]

Leaping Windows

  Since I have been absent from the blog for a long time, let’s break the awkward silence with a song  and an eating place recommendation maybe ?Ruhi introduced me to this beautiful [...]