Social Rehab – To Mingle, Play And Stay

Stay is my biggest concern while travelling.  Safe, clean places that fit budgets are rare! But places that also offer solid company from around the world are pretty much unheard of, at least in [...]

Men in Bhutan

About six months ago, I was shooting with Dhanesh, a visual merchandiser with Lifestyle. One of the jackets he was wearing, which was made by him was one of the fanciest jackets I have seen in [...]

5 Budget Hotels To Know In Bangalore

Not so long time ago, I penned a small list of hotels in Bangalore (Boutique) ; it was mostly collated while helping friends and acquaintances visiting the city.  This list however, seemed to [...]

How to UnCancel Your Travel Plans

Two years ago, I booked my tickets to Vietnam five months in advance because an airline was offering incredibly low fares. This trip had to be cancelled because of a work emergency, and I lost [...]

Neemrana | Restored Boutique Hotels

Way back in 2011, when I used to walk my dog diligently, admiring houses that were fastidious with respect to design, pertaining to a different era was one of my favourite things to do. These [...]