Cleaning Up My Closet

We actually live in one of the hottest regions on planet earth , However hats have always been the most disregard piece of accessory . More than a style statement it’s actually a necessity. Anybody sporting anything other than a regular cap is always starred at like an amusing thing on the road . I see thousands of girls on the streets of Pune covering everything above the neck level completely with a scarf or a stole funnily only there eyes is visible squishing there noises and shutting up there mouths ,i’m often wondering why they go through so much torture all one has to do is buy themselves a nice pretty big hat .
I for one have decided there has to be more hats in my cupboard but then I realized for that there needs to be some storing place .  Eventually I’m moving back to Bangalore (Hoping this would happen ASAP) I  refrain myself from buying furniture of any kinds . In an attempt at making some space I’m having a sale of some of  my favorite pieces of clothing over at the FaceBook Page Vintage Obsession. There’s going to be new additions every week till my closet has some breathing space and my suitcases can move back to the attic .


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  • pavani reddy

    >hey nice shirt n lovely blog!!!

  • Swarnali

    >I was only yesterday I was thinking about this hat thing and the stares you can expect when you got out wearing one!! You look great in that hat,I love it 🙂

  • Polka Princess

    >Great to hear that you're moving back to Bangalore!! 🙂

    You, for one, can absolutely carry a hat with elan!

  • Soumi

    >Yeah,it annoys me to no end!I end up wearing my hats less often than I'd have liked for this same reason.Disgusting!Great to know that you're moving back to Bangalore!

  • Stylish By Nature

    >No cares…I love to wear hats 🙂


  • smrithi rao

    >Not moving back to Bangalore , I'm hoping to 🙂

  • smrithi rao

    >I'm not moving back to Bangalore , eventually I will but I'm hoping that will happen soonish .

  • aarti

    :)…i understand why they keep their faces and hair all covered up in Pune…being from Delhi, i also found it really weird at first… but then when i got a huge black mark on my forehead and my hair turned brown from black, i understood…:( its also really dusty there which leads to enlarged pores..

    • Smrithi

      Interesting , I’m indoors between 9Am to 7 Pm so had no idea , but hats would help to , I guess! 🙂

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