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I had been looking for a medium sized tote that fits everything I need on a daily basis ( Laptop, a small camera, some stationery, wallets and a book maybe)

A few months ago, Hydes Studio’s designer designer Ramya introduced me to the brand, via a package that contained two bags. Hydes Studio makes beautiful and well-designed bags from quality leather. Totes, bucket bags, clutches, sling and messenger bags is what they mostly make.

Both the bags that Ramya sent across were lovely, but I only wanted one! However, I decided to test out both of them before I made up my mind!

Leather Bag By Hydes Studio
Leather Bags from Hyde Studio
Leather bag from Hydes Studio
Leather Bags from Hydes Studio

The chocolate brown satchel bag was incredibly cool because It could be carried in three ways. As an over-sized clutch, a sling bag and as a tote. As much as I loved it, I realized that I was reaching out to the light tan bag below, over the other. Only because I have never owned anything in that shape and

What’s really charming about the bags that Hydes studio makes is the simplicity of the design yet high on utility! The bags are surprisingly light and come with quality that will you impressed.

I don’t think I will have to buy a tote for a really long time now( read for a couple of years at least) and this makes me the minimalist in me euphoric! I adore the brand and the products and have been using them for over three months and still have found nothing to be saddened by. Even the unprecedented shower that the bag was subjected to, owing to the fickle weather could not ruin it. A little bit of coconut oil solved everything.

Hydes Studio Leather Bag
Hydes Studio Leather Bag

The fact that I haven’t used another bag in the last three months is a big step for me towards owing little but better. It matches with practically everything, and I even documented it. Coming up next is 30-day outfit challenge with this bag being a constant in each of those images.

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