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DIY Belt

This Belt was one of the first things i ever made.Also its the easiest.
Step 1

Any mesh-ISH kind of material will do. Stitch the sides ,so that it looks like a ribbon with both ends open.

Step 2:

Knot at regular intervals with a button inside ( So it wont roll up)

Step 3

Buy a broach or even better if you could make it yourself and knot it up somewhere along the length
And done!!


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Showing 18 comments
  • Atul

    >y can't we get such simple steps when we press F1!!

  • Hippie Holly

    >Nice nice nice! Love the flower brooch!

  • Rads

    > that's how it is made. I wanted to ask you when I see it in an earlier the buttons inside :-)

  • The Bald Guy


  • Cinderella

    >Isnt there a pic of this somewhere you wearing it…love the broach.

  • Marika

    >Thank you so much for commenting my blog! that means so much to me!

    and special thanks for the tips! you are darling!)
    and check out my new project – Story of my Clothes

  • Sunaina

    >Great idea about the buttons and a broach is the perfect finishing touch!

  • Adorable On Your Vanity

    >Cute :)

  • Style, She Wrote

    >Totally cute! Love the flower detail.

  • Sonshu


    So adorably CUTTEEEEEE. 😀

    loved the flower part. Pwettty! :)

  • Tanvi

    >How cute! I wish I can get that effect when I try it :)

  • Charu

    >It looks beautiful, but I think I'll leave the DIY stuff to you :) Any pic of you wearing it?

  • Spardha Malik

    >I'm so glad u've put up a DIY!!
    I'm a sucker for ur DIYs though i never end up making anything :(
    But this looks easy… i'll def. give it a shot!

  • Stace

    >oh this is awesome! I would actually wear it haha, which is rare for me and DIYs :)

    cute blog

  • FashionJazz

    >Oooh I luv this!! Have a lovely Sunday xx

  • WeShop

    >That looks great. I'm not very good with my hands – but maybe I could try this. xx

  • bollywoodstylediaries

    >OMG!! such a cute flower brooch and the belt looks nice..maybe I will give it a shot since u make it look soo easy:-)

  • suruchi

    >Looks great…now if we could only see you wearing it to get the exact picture:-)

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