Do You Fancy a Chest Of Drawers From The Victorian Era?

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I’ve found a lot of memorabilia stores or what is popularly known as vintage stores. But most of these stores  are selling junk that they have been scrapped off from Sunday bazaars or showcasing fakes in the name of vintage.

Demolisher furniture’s, however, has a different story to tell. Imagine a small, unassuming storefront that showcases a bunch of stupas in wood and some rocking chairs. You wouldn’t expect much which is a usual reaction.

Therefore the chances of you walking in will be much lesser. But if you are looking to be pleasantly surprised, Take That Store Tour!

I have been seeing this vintage furniture store for years on Coles Road in Bangalore, but it had only remained as a mental bookmark. This week, however, with my friends Radhika and Sanket I went on a photo walk!

We made this our first pit stop and the rest of the evening was an ogling story.

Most vintage stores selling furniture are dusty, and cobweb infested. This store, however, has a different story to tell. Probably because the owners are well versed with the sentiments attached with vintage finds by informed and educated collectors.

Unlike what you would presume from the outside, the store itself is huge. I have my eye on few pieces but to afford those I will have to sell my soul!

Huge chests, bookcases, Victorian scenes embellished on tables and cots, lenses, cameras, chandeliers and a whole range of furniture trinkets are what’s in store.

The store owners are building demolishers as well and have demolished several villas and bungalows, and that is how they source most of these pieces. The pieces are restored if required.

My heart shattered a little when I heard this. But I guess such is the circle of vintage!

Vintage Furniture

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Vintage Furniture

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home furniture

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Showing 8 comments
  • ambikasudhakaran

    Piqued my interest 🙂 Can you tell me the name of the shop, or contact number if you know?

  • surface180

    It really beautiful vintage furnitures

  • shophofindia

    Great Designs and a Nice Selection of Colors for Decorating Interiors.

  • medhasutwala

    beautiful furniture. Can you tel us the name/address of the shop?

    • Smrithi Rao

      Hey, it is located on Mosque Road. They are called Demolisher furnitures. It is on the main road. Pretty easy to locate.

  • Rashi

    I’ve passed by this store shelves many times but was always in a hurry so couldn’t visit but after talking a glimpse at the pics I can’t resist myself, so plan a visit soon. Many thanks to you for sharing the amazing pics and a detailed writeup 👍

    • Smrithi Rao

      You’ll love the place!

  • Shravan

    Hey, Is it located on st.Johns road? Name is Accurate demolishers furnitures

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