Why jewellery with Asian roots is the new contemporary

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Once upon a design time, jewellery was either heavily traditional or so modern that they would die out along with the trend it was endorsing. Now, as if designers of jewellery were waiting to change all of this; a burst of contemporary jewellers have officially taken over. DVIBHUMI, is one such contemporary jewellery design brand that I have recently discovered, and I am smitten. The designs draw a massive inspiration from Indian classical music and Muslim architecture (explains the intricate laser cuts) both of these have been weaved into wearable stories and it is perfect because it goes well with your wardrobe in its entirety.

I have been leaning towards “minimalist style”. How do you put together a look without much fuss?  And I’ve realized that the easiest way of doing this is by treating contemporary pieces (clothes and jewellery) as your basics. With a slight twist you can wear them for any occasion.

Exactly why jewellery brands like Dvibhumi strikes a chord with me.

DVIBHUMI jewelry

Singapore, the birthplace of Dvibhumi answers the question, what does a 21st century jewellery label with strong Asian roots look like? as it draws its aesthetic and design inspiration from the bustling hawker centres, art deco neighborhoods and shop houses where heritage is preserved alongside museums, and this is shaping its present-day narrative.

What to expect from Dvibhumi?

The Kutcheri Range: Kutcheri is a continuing ode to the iconic ornamentation style of great Carnatic divas like MS Subbulakshmi and DK Pattamal. The Kutcheri Collection currently offers a range of ear jackets –crafted in 925 Silver with Rose Gold plating –that are inspired by the classic South Indian seven-stone diamond stud.

Fashion Jewellery

The Ayu Range: Ayu embodies the spirit of Bali, where prayer blurs beautifully into nature-worship. Ayu is rustic, Hindu-exotic, and crafted with techniques and motifs indigenous to Bali. Ayu offers a range of ear wear handcrafted in 925 Silver, and inspired by the silhouettes, cut work and overwhelming detail of Bali’s temple architecture and Wayang Kulit tradition.

Dvibhumi Jewelry

The Vibhuti Range: Mirroring dome structures and fretwork of Renaissance and Islamic architecture, Vibhuti is more than a statement. It is monumental. Vibhuti offers a range of sombre dome-danglers crafted in 925 silver, with a distinctive stark white finish.

Contemporary Jewellery

Where can you lookup for these fantastic pieces?

E-shop: dvibhumi , On Facebook , On instagram and Prices start at approximately USD 100 / INR 6400

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