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Only in Cosmo

This month, Cosmopolitan India did stories revolving around the World Wide Web. “The Digital Issue” contains places to shop online, selphie guides, shoes that are ruling and more. I [...]

White Gold

  [Tee, Jeans : Zara, Jacket: Mango, Shoes: Diana Linda, Clutch: Ritu Kumar] Sprouting colorful balloons from my neck seemed like such a fabulous idea until they flew away in seconds and the [...]

On The Lust List

So the monsoons are here and everything around is a grey shade. I am not complaining by any means, I love the monsoons. However, I only wish I had picked up these bright Himachali caps from [...]


Olive and wine red have become my go-to colors lately. It’s Spiffy and everything in that color for some reason looks so rad. Wore this to brunch at Le Christal, my new favorite brunch and [...]

Crooked Lines

   (Wearing – Shirt: FabIndia, Skirt: ASOS, Shoes: Hill Road )  Shrouded in crooked lines  and Ikat prints, sitting inside my room and writing a letter to winter asking it to come back [...]

Vintage is always my season

A long long time ago, when I used to live in Pune, grunge was my sense of style and the hair was still long ; shot this with The Lensor. We actually got out to eat something but like almost all [...]

The colored parable

(Crop top : Max, Skirt : Singapore) Blinding Hawaii on a Monday and planning imaginative trips to unseen places.  

In A Sequence

 (Wearing Zara blazer, cardigan , olive green shirt and thrift-ed tee. Pretty sure the pair of shorts is thrift-ed as well)  While scrounging wardrobes found a pair of high waist sequin shorts. I [...]

Role playing with hats

  Hat’s are the new hair. Specially on day’s when the hair is unruly and refuses to behave in accordance with the ways of the world. I still don’t understand why [...]

Ikat tied to a scarf

  (Wearing : Scarf : Independent artist from Bangalore, Rompers worn as shorts : Thrift , Shirt : Thrift , Shoes : CatWalk, Bag : Flea market Goa ) Stacking up on Ikat. Cannot seem to get [...]

Striped Dress

  Inglot sent a nice small little package over sometime last month.Since I don’t use make up apart from something for the eyes and lips took me forever to try the products that was [...]

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