Four Fun Videos To Watch On Your Next Work break

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Based on how much break time you are craving in between work, I have a list of videos that will help your brain chill for a bit.

Presenting the in-betweeners!! Four fun videos for your entertainment.

If you have exactly seven minutes to spare, between meetings or between phone calls.

Watch the new British Airways Ad. It’s fuelled by love. An important part of my work includes analysing marketing campaigns and watching a whole bunch of ads and promotional videos in the name of inspiration.  I stumbled upon this touching British Airways ad aimed at culture sensitisation. It is nice to see that an airline is finally addressing the fact that India and Indian consumers need customised experience. After all, we are a huge country with a vast culture.

You travel to discover and to immerse in new cultures, which can also be intimidating. But if we remember to be mutually respectful of each other cultures, travelling can teach you things no textbook ever will.

Exactly why it is heartwarming to see a brand, this big customise its product to include the culture needs of another country. Given the history that India and the Great Britain share this bonding video is essentially a very touchy one.

If you have high-speed internet ( you cannot expect a Vimeo video to work under ordinary circumstances) and 15 minutes to spare.

I’d say, watch this while having lunch on your desk.

Instead of A Head: An apt video describing how social networking channels are taking over our lives.  Most of us live through our digital profiles. Remember the saying, “ If you didn’t Instagram something that means it never happened”? The video is a satirical reminder of the same.

This video begs the question have we become a generation of “the boy with a camera for a head”?

While we are on the topic of Social Media, Instagram Husbands definitely deserves a mention. Watch this video with other social media junkies but do not watch it with your significant other / photographer. Unless of course you want them to join the Instagram Husbands Club.

Watch “The King Within” on your 10-minute tea break. The story of Raja Danapat the self-proclaimed “ twin brother”  of Elvis. He moonlights from his job as a doctor to entertain the local communities. by singing Elvis Presley’s songs.  His journey is phenomenal.


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