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I am not a big foodie, but I need a good meal to function normally. It can be simple food, but it needs to be good food. It is imperative for normal functioning.

Since I am vegetarian, sometimes a good vegetarian place is an ask. I once went through an entire day in a small town near Munnar in Kerala just on bananas because we couldn’t find a place that served vegetarian food. The first the time I was facing a situation like this in India, but it is a common concern outside the country. Especially if you are visiting a predominantly meat-eating country.

So when I discovered Holy Cow, a community website where diners from around the world submit entries of vegetarian restaurants, names of vegetarian dishes in a place that also serves meat and vegan options along with reviews it made my day. I can now look up this handy food guide from anywhere in the world and planning trips will not have to involve extensive bookmarking of vegetarian hotels, planning my life around these places or memorizing names of ingredients and spend an enormous amount of time asking for my food to be customized.

The food guide works pretty accurately because I did spend time testing it with places I have been too. If you like me are a vegetarian I am sure this site will come in handy.

Also, do you guys have similar recommendations? Would love to know.

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