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Owing to the nature of my work I end up spending a considerable amount of time at home. Hence, creating a space that is inviting and conducive to work and play is utterly important to me.

May sound voyeuristic, but I love snooping around apartments of others for home decor inspiration. Pinterest is always there but it gives you unrealistic home goals, and I prefer to see how people are decorating their homes realistically.

While I was busy instagraming pictures from my home decor finds, in the name of inspiration folks from Prestige Edwardian an upscale luxury apartment in Bangalore invited me over to take a look at what their designers had conjured.

A four-room apartment with a living room and an entertainment room with loads of natural light right in the heart of the city. ( Cunningham Road in Bangalore)

My three main home decor takeaway from the Prestige Edwardian Apartment that can be easily replicated

The first thing I noticed is the use of Linen as drapes for windows. Light coloured, light weight fabrics are apt to filter light. Since summer is lurking around I was immediately thinking of how I should replace my think thick jute blend curtains with these linen ones.

Linen curtains at the Prestige Edwardian Homes in Bangalore - Home Decor Tips
Luxury Homes In Prestige Edwardian - Indian - Home Decor Tips - Linen Curtains

I love using mirrors as wall decor and have spent days discovering mirror stores in Bangalore. The use of mirrors in the pathway between rooms had me thinking about how I could use this in my home to break the monotony of walls. It helps reflects light, therefore, opening up small pathways. Such a simple trick to create a perception of depth.

You can also place it in a way that it reflects the best corners of your home. Hence saving the effort of decorating every single nook and corner.

Luxury Homes In Prestige Edwardian - Indian - Home Decor Tips - Mirrors as wall decor
Prestige Edwardian Appartment In Bangalore - Home Decor TIps - Mirror Accessories

A simple hack to ensure you don’t miss your meals is to do up your dining area. You’ll be surprised at how it will change your dining routine. When you set up a pretty dining area missing meals, especially breakfast almost feels like a sin.

Prestige Edwardian Appartment in Bangalore - Indian Home Decor Tips
Prestige Edwardian Appartment in Bangalore - Indian Home Decor Tips

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