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I have a serious problem with paying attention. To remain focused on what I am currently doing takes a lot of effort.  I am easily distracted. Notifications on my phone (Therefore all my pop up notifications are off). A new stray cat that has been hanging out in my house ( It seeks more attention than my dogs ). Books (I read multiple books at a time). The slightest distraction of any form is enough to deviate me from my current situation.

Multiple tabs on my computer screen, however, is the mother of all, when it comes to distraction. At any given point, I have about ten tabs open. I strive on discovering. It could be interesting places, people, occupations, Indian labels, about design, about all things boutique. It’s an elaborate growing list. And the tabs are a reflection of the same.

This video in the Atlantic about tabs and how it leads to an attention problem, is hilarious and speaks to me! To be fully present on the internet is non existential.

Ritu Kumar Tribal Prints Trousers, Indian Designer Wear
Ritu Kumar Trousers , Indian Designer Wear

My problem with focusing, however, is at its lowest when I am browsing for clothes online. There are tabs from multiple stores that are open on my desktop all the time. It’s important I buy the right things because I have a strict self-imposed monthly cap on shopping. The idea being I only buy clothes that I see as a long-term investment. Something that truly brings me joy.

So instead of hoping stores, I now strive on discovery sites / curated sites that offer products from multiple stores on a single platform. StyleBuys is one such site I’ve discovered in the past month. What I realized about curation is, it helps you discover better. The Ritu Kumar trousers that were available on Jabong. The black bodycon suite that I also wear as a top from Koovs. Flared skirts from Faballey. This David and Young hat and striped trousers both from Amazon, are a few things I’ve discovered on StyleBuys.

Pacman print skirt, yogi designer, Indian Designer wear
Masaba Gupta camera printed shirt, H&M Skirt

Curation not only helps you buy easily but it’s by far the best way to discover without having to store hop. To be honest, I’ve never shopped from sites like Limeroad, Fashionara and its likes, though I am entirely aware of their existence. A couple of times in the past when I did make the effort their catalogue of products was not impressive enough barring a few pieces and post that I never made an effort. But I see them on curated sites I don’t mind perusing through, probably even buying it as it is available in one place. Plus it doesn’t require an effort from my end.

However, to buy or to examine the product they take you back to the mother site and that is where you complete your transaction.

Pacman skirt, Stylista, Indian Designer Wear

Camera print shirt, Masaba Gupta, Indian Designer wear
pacman skirt, stylista, Yogesh Choowdary, Indian Designer

One of the reasons I transitioned my personal style Fashion Blog into a lifestyle blog that talks about wellness, travel, people, places and brands is because I like variety. The sites I prefer going to are also the kinds that offer variety.  Hence curated sites, be it for shopping or my daily dose of reading are what I prefer.

Do you have any curated sites recommendation?

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  • Shatakshi

    Mine is a lifestyle blog too and I so understand the need for variety and wanting to know/learn new things all the time. 😀

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