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Chanced upon Esther Fanai A while ago ever since i’m a follower of her unique style. One of my favorite observations about her is the knots, knots eh? yeah she knots long flow-y dresses ,skirts towards the end ,its such a simple and chic way of transforming clothes to incorporate different looks in  one dress/skirt.

My recent trip to Delhi was not very fruitful in terms of shopping,so i had to ask her where she shops in Delhi where she is currently studying. To my utmost surprise she says every single outfit in the following pictures are second hand(Barely 200 bucks =4$)Jaws dropped . Now where oh where do you find such classy second hand clothes ,i don’t mind taking a trip right away .

Her inspiration to start a blog she says “After lurking here and there in people’s blog for a long time… I just thought why not? I love taking pictures and it was the most natural thing to do. Its a collective contribution…and to be apart of the contribution means a lot.”  
Her layering skills are absolutely commendable. She uses arrays of colors in her outfits and loafers are her forte.

I’m waiting for it it to get cold here in Bangalore to be able 
to wear socks n all that.

Jean tote!! where do i buy it?

Her blog has more of her here


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  • Tanvi

    >Love her style! Thanks for sharing Smrithi :o)

  • Tamanna A. Shaikh

    >Wow! Although I'm not very sure of second-hand clothes, but I definitely am sure I love her style!

  • lahlah

    >hey..thank you so much for the feature 🙂

  • Haddock

    >Bangalore is pleasant now I heard.

  • bollywoodstylediaries

    >love her outifts..they look thrown on but artful at the same where does she shop in delhi?? do spill…

  • Vicky Klbr

    >woooow… amazing styles!!!!


    feel free to visit my blog:

  • Rachana Kothari

    >Love her style! Thanks for sharing!

  • Katie

    >Loving her style – great outfits!

  • Anita Putri

    >yes, she look so her style

  • Vivarjitha

    >wow…she looks fab…

  • Ria

    >nice pics. The jean tote is cool!!

  • sulagna ™

    >some style this lady has..need to check this one out!!

    but hey smrithi, i really adore your style..keep it the same 🙂


  • Shreya

    >I was in delhi and couldn't shop :O i feel terrible!

    One fashionable lady she is :O

  • ♦Crazy Diamond♦

    >she's super classy, i love the looks she's sporting. and she's damn cute 🙂

  • CutePriya

    >just loved her style

  • A N A S T A S Y A

    >so you change your layout, it looks fresh. This girl is adorable!

  • Spardha Malik

    >She's got style… on my blogroll!

  • Vinda Sonata

    >love her style, and fab legs! i love the vintage vibe in her outfits a lot!!!

  • BarelyVogue

    >I realy love her style
    Keep in touch

  • pooja elangbam

    >i found her from this grazia feature! her blog is amazing! i love the way she layers up!

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