I am in the midst of reading “How to be a Parisian” and one of my favourite quotes from it so far is “Always look like you are gazing at the sunset. Even during rush hour in the Metro. Even while picking up frozen pizza from the supermarket.”
According to the author, it is the simplest way of looking bemused hence you create an aura of intrigue around you! And who doesn’t want to know an intriguing person.

That is your first lesson in “How to Be a Parisian.”

But if you have to stare at the horizon or watch the setting sun, you must up your game with a gigantic pair of sunglasses!

Wondering in which one? Sunglasses Delhi helps you set runaways trends, is here to help with their experts tips. Not only that but they also introduce you to the various styles and will help you keep a close watch on the different trends in the sunglasses world.

It is mostly a guide to purchasing a good pair of sunglasses from a reputed brand while in Delhi. Where do you go to buy FCUK? Or Carrera?

Does frame size and shape baffle you? A neat introduction in this regard is also present to help you be at ease and make an informed purchase.

Always a favourite accessory, sunglasses are an extension of your wardrobe and an accessory that directly complements your look and all you need are a pair of sunglasses that is in vogue to make a great style statement and I couldn’t agree more.

Which pair are you indulging in today?

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