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Growing up, buying clothes was a phenomenon. It would be for birthdays, festivals, marriages or a special occasion that required prim dressing. So, careful thought was put into what I wanted because God knows I may have a long waiting period before another occasion came by that demanded clothes!

Now with an endless array of shopping stores and website, buying clothes beckons you for no specific reason. For work, events, there is a sale, traveling and sometimes for no reason at all, we end up indulging in clothes all the time.

The excitement of buying new clothes is a thing of the past. Does this mean fast fashion has ruined our taste buds?


I am trying to be conscious about this. I am only buying when I feel that a particular piece can be worn in multiple ways without having to think as much.

Recently when Trendin asked me to snoop around the store, I couldn’t help but pick up few pieces because it fits well into my “They have to be statement pieces and versatile” category.

This skirt alone, I have worn in three different ways and counting. The versatility of flats needs no discussion and the floral top, I wore it for an interview, for coffee with friends and with high waist flared skirt for an event!





Do you have a checklist that you follow while buying clothes?

(Skirt, Floral Top, Sandals: Trendin, White Top: Mango, Floral Jacket and Shoes Zara)

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  • Sana

    Nice collections looking amazing

    • Smrithi Rao

      Its called Demolisher Furnitures. I don’t have the number. However, it is on the main Coles Road.

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