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Off late in the pursuit of good skin, I’ll go the distance especially, when the promise of good skin comes from your neighborhood dermat. I’ve been going to Kosmoderma in Bangalore for a couple of years now to nuke myself – ala – laser hair removal. Recently, I was offered their medi facial treatment also called as the celebrity photo facial, to try, which promises a bright and clean skin. Anyone in the hot pursuit of maintaining theirskin cannot refuse this offer! Finding a routine that I can stick to has become my new obsession.

I’ve always preferred to undertake procedures that come recommended from dermats I’ve consulted over clinically formulated products from popular skin care brands (Estee Lauder’s night repair cream I am looking at you while writing this). And Dr. Parinita Rao of Kosmoderma I’ve been consulting for close to two years now. In the past, on her recommendation, I have tried individual steps that make up the two-hour Celebrity photo facial procedure, and the results were not at all disappointing.

What are the steps involved?

Cleansing: Your face is cleaned with a cleanser that removes makeup, dead skin, oil, and other pollutants from your skin.

Jet Peel

You re subjected to blasts of oxygenated water on concentrated areas of your skin aimed at deep cleaning and refining the pores. During this step, because of the pressure of the jet, you may have to breathe through your mouth for about 5 to 10 minutes. It’s an instant skin hydration that leaves your skin supple.

Argenine Peel

A mild Argenine Peel is used to clean sensitive skin of pigments and uneven skin tone! Obviously, it’s not magic and doesn’t give you crystal clear skin, but over a period of sessions, it improves the unevenness.

Exfoliation, Steam, and Extraction

These are anyway the basic steps of any regular facial. Your skin is exfoliated to get rid of the blackheads and whiteheads with the help of a steamer.

HA infusion

This is my favourite part of the procedure because a super hydrant – Hydraulic acid is infused to your skin through a cream of course ( no injectors) and because of its hydration property (can hold water up to 100 times its weight). This helps the aging skin and in reducing fine lines.

After an intense session of hydration and exfoliation, your skin is allowed to rest with a soothing Aloe Veera Gel massage before you head to the last step – Revlite Photofacial

Revlite PhotoFacial

Is an excellent way to create a smoother, healthier-looking complexion while stimulating ongoing collagen growth. Because laser penetrates deeper than any cream or lotion, it can provide a dramatic boost to the skin. Copious amount of sunscreen is applied before you head out! The entire procedure takes close to two hours, and your face is slightly plum by the end of this.

Allow it a day or two while you massage it with some Aloe vera gel.

I’ve been swimming recently and assumed the brightness of my skin was because of the chlorinated water that was bleaching my skin! But obviously, the chlorinated bleach doesn’t give you a healthy glow. Soon after the facial, I had some small breakouts near my side locks and few tiny one’s n my forehead. I called the doctor back to make sure that this was normal and she assured me that sometimes when you are not used to regular facial, this may happen. The breakout subsided in a matter of days. Nothing major.

For continued results, I was told that you must get this done once a month. A personalized night care was suggested to me to get the best of the facial and I am hoping this one is for keeps.


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