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Social Rehab in Bangalore

Stay is my biggest concern while travelling.  Safe, clean places that fit budgets are rare! But places that also offer solid company from around the world are pretty much unheard of, at least in India.

Naturally, when I heard of Social Rehab in Bangalore, I had to immediately sniff it out myself. Everything in India has a distinctive flavor and Social Rehab smells like comfort.

 Located in Indranagar, the heart of the millennial’s city is a traveler’s camp.  It not only is quaint, but practical too! Stay in dorms that you can share with fellow travelers from around the world or check yourself into a private room! Prices start from 1000 INR per night, and this includes breakfast.

Social Rehab Hostel In Bangalore

A gigantic living room and upcycled balcony is where the travelers convene to socialize. Which has been hand painted by a local artist for your viewing pleasure and in the words if it’s founder, the murals also work as icebreakers and have been working as conversation starters.

Social Rehab hostel in Bangalore

My biggest pet peeve in shared places would definitely be cleanliness but, social rehab is spick and span. Clean sheets, kitchen, bathroom and living area, has me convinced that shared spaces such as Social Rehab can stand a chance to work in a place like India.

Social Rehab hostel in Bangalore

Don’t be surprised if you find a local staying in Social Rehab. They are in fact, using Social Rehab for a completely different purpose.  The fear of missing out ensured they innovate. Bangalore peeps who stay in different corners of Bangalore, and find themselves stuck in the city at ungodly hours, are finding solace in Social Rehab for a night or two. Folks who are moving houses are spending their transit days here.

Social rehab is happy to encourage this habit, and locals are coming up with plenty such to stay in Bangalore’s very first traveler hostel!

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