Street Style: Of Crisp Shirts and Bright Shoes

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I had just finished an animated conversation about shoes when i noticed Praveen . There was his bright green and yellow shoes staring right at me from across the table.  I normally don’t come across a lot of guys who are comfortable wearing colors and pulling it off pretty well . I’ve always wondered what stories do shoes tell. Is there a way of telling your thought for the day/mood based on the shoes .Basically trying to dish out a Cinderella story lost in the mundane-ness of everyday life
This is exactly what i asked Praveen , i went up to him and narrated a whole paragraph trying to act all intellectual and as somebody who was trying to figure out the complexity behind SHOES. I had been planning on writing a series about shoes where i try to figure out what someone’s up to based on Footwear and if it meant something in the context of that particular day also if there is a story behind picking out a particular pair of shoes before heading out .
I was expecting an equally long paragraph as an answer but He had the most simplest explanation, his brother wore the shoes he was planning on wearing hence he decided to wear his Puma also because he likes the bright colors in them (Extremely Impressive) 
While in the middle of a conversation ( very patiently answered all my questions ) discovered that he is a professional model/actor also, was one of the contestants on Truth Love Cash on Channel V , lent his face to a lot of commercials (Namely Appy Fizz , Vysya Bank,frooti, KFC ,Phillips and a lot more) And has acted in the movie “Lets Kill Gandhi ” . 
He had just got back to Bangalore after some grilling work . Also he had attended a couple of meetings and  auditions earlier that day so he thought the bright colors would make up for the drained out energy .(Brilliant isn’t it) , this explained his shoes for me ,though it wasn’t a conscious decision the shoes so clearly reflected his state of mind for the day.
Is there a story behind yours ?
This was one of my first street style photo-shoot  and was so much fun ,thanks to Praveen for being such a sport . 


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  • Tanvi

    >And he is so good looking too? Was it just his shoes that drew you to him? Are you sure? Are you being honest?! 😛 His look does rock though!!!

  • Vintage Obsession

    >Haha Tanvi 🙂 well its an Obvious fact 🙂

  • sandhyaa

    >conversation abt shoes n some eye candy….i dont mind tht 😛 …i myself have red shoes.. 😛 colors r always fun !

  • praveen

    >hey thanks was going through your blog and get ur mail…nice to c the way u written about me and my lovely shoe atlas it made some worth walking in those shoes….sorry could not give much content but anyways thank u very much….

  • Cinderella

    >I wanna ask everything Tanvi is asking. 😀

    Oh hey I spotted Zayed (Roadies, last season is you remember?) in brigade last weekend and thats one delicious dish! Just like this one. I may tilt towards Zayed a lil more. Ilove guys in checkered shirts. 😀

    When are you gonna ask/teach me to do a photoshoot? 😛

  • Manu

    >OK..!!! Lemme talk like a Photographer… I've shot this fella's pics… and I NEED to tell this. He's got some SERIOUS fashion sense.. 🙂 Now after being spotted all ova, i guess he's gonna buy a Armani night suit as well.. lol.. Way to go buddy..

  • Vintage Obsession

    >@Pallavini : lets break the jinx an catch up soon , will give all the details 🙂

    @Manou : Are you serious? i'm really not surprised though ,he sure talked like he knew fashion and had dressed like one to .:)

  • Vintage Obsession

    >@Praveen : ^_^

  • praveen

    >sure if v can catch up 2day because i am leavin to mumbai 2morrow….

  • Nivedita

    >Well, Praveen I must say you have carried off the Bright shows quite well!… Way to Go…

  • The Goddess of Boho

    >You know I love how it is such a simple ensemble, but he manages to make it look uber stylish. Well, I suppose that comes with being a model no? 😀
    He's pretty darned good looking to top it all.
    Give him my number 😛


  • Shiv

    >He looks a dapper.!! – as always.
    Can vouch for this guy – most down-to-earth, Literally.

    All girls can line up….,

  • Anonymous

    >Wow brother you are looking damn cool good collection 🙂

  • Bhavesh Patel

    >Wow dude you have good collection and looking damn cool 🙂

  • Cinderella

    Text me.

  • praveen

    >hey hi cinderella….

  • Prutha

    >nice!! and yellow is fab under used pop of color…like it a lot

  • Tamanna A. Shaikh

    >I thought I commented here…what happened?! O.o

  • Vintage Obsession

    >@Tamanna : No i don't think you did 🙂

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