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When I first started working in a corporate organization, the concept of dressing up for work, which was so different from college dressing, excited me more than the job itself! I was 22, so you can’t judge!
Mixing formals in a way that reflected my personality became my dress code! But in a month I got pulled aside by the HR, who gave me a stern warning. She told me “formals” in the Indian context was Kurta and leggings and asked me to go mute.

Two things happened that day

  • I decided to quit that job as soon as possible. A company that doesn’t let its employees embrace their qualities is no place to be
  • I vowed never to go mute! On my own volition only!

I sincerely hoped that there would be more companies that let you embrace your true sensibilities.  After years, it is safe to say that the Indian corporate scene has come a long way! From Infosys leaving the strict code of formal dressing behind to brands like Van Heusen starting the “Most Fashionable Professional” contest that let you celebrate style! And I have been fortunate enough never to work for a company again, which enforced dress codes!


In one of my corporate stints, I met Devesh. He used to be my co-worker and is an Art Director. Every looked at neatly displayed flat lay images that look haphazardly placed yet are visually stunning? Or all the various props used in a photograph that adds character to the frame? That’s exactly what Art Directors do, and that is Devesh’s job description as well!

Ensures pictures look like work of art!






We used to sit across each other, and I would admire his effortless sense of style. He grew up in Nainital, therefore, his sense of style is heavily borrowed from the hills. Prints, patterns, jackets, small trinkets are always spruced in his outfit! And there is nothing norm core about him.
He is my nomination for the Van Heusen’s hunt for the “Most Fashionable Professional! Who are you nominating?

Nominate Here

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