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Lee Jeans Refresh Your city

Lee Jeans Refresh Your city

Lee Jeans Refresh Your city

Lee Jeans Refresh Your city

Lee Refresh Your City3

I am an impulsive buyer. I see something nice, I want it, I buy it. Unless it is a bit of an investment, I never ask myself if I like what I’m buying or is it something I see myself using for a long time. Will it make me happy, beyond one or two uses? Momentarily I convince myself that I do! But within, I know I do not weigh it honestly.

The habit of compulsive buying extends beyond clothes or fashion for me! My grocery shopping can always be divided into two bags. Things I absolutely need and things I bought on a whim.

I have several clothes with tags attached. Boxes of good cereals that I throw out after storing for a couple of months, books I buy but never end up reading; accessories that I don’t use more than once and this list goes on.

But, I want this to change. It is a stubborn habit and ‘s hard to change because the craving for things is like an addiction.

I want to become a responsible buyer. Someone who understands why they are buying and for what. It requires time and willpower ( how easy is it to be swayed by the allure of thrift stores) but this will not only save me money but also reduce mindless consumption. Eventually, this will mean that I will only have things make me happy and bring me joy!

If you have a similar story that is directly/indirectly refreshing your city then be a part of the Lee  #RefreshTheCity campaign by submitting your own awesome ideas on how to refresh the city. Send in your pictures or videos along with the idea here.


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