Sankeerthi’s Silver Jewelry

I met Sankeerthi at Chitra Kala Parishath in Bangalore a long time ago. She was busy with her jewelry stall, and I was utterly fascinated to have stumbled upon “Rabbit Out Of The Hat”. We then [...]

Neemrana | Restored Boutique Hotels

Way back in 2011, when I used to walk my dog diligently, admiring houses that were fastidious with respect to design, pertaining to a different era was one of my favourite things to do. These [...]

Varnam – Redefining DIY

If you have grown up anywhere in Karnataka, then your childhood memories like mine, surely are shaped by the colorful toys from Chenpatna. Background: Chenpatna is a small town dedicated to [...]

GoSpiff will ya ?

Would you like to model as Russian chic, channel a Woddy Allen, go down with Depp or mirror the old guy from the movie “UP”? What if I say all this and more can be your look in under [...]


  Switching to Fujifilm x100s from the world of DSLRs, has been one of the best experiences so far. My incredibly generous mother’s New Year gift to me and I cannot be grateful enough. [...]

Myntra Originals

Myntra introduced itself to me recently, It’s not that I required introduction to one of the largest online stores but strangely I had never shopped at Myntra. This was good instigation [...]

Vintage is always my season

A long long time ago, when I used to live in Pune, grunge was my sense of style and the hair was still long ; shot this with The Lensor. We actually got out to eat something but like almost all [...]

A Symmetry at the station

(Wearing : Shirt ASOS, Jeans Vintage, Sunglasses Flea market Singapore, Foot ware : Clarks )  Guess who’s back in Bangalore ? this time around for good. It made no sense to be visiting the [...]


It’s been more than 4 months since I bought something. Have been craving for a real vacation. As a result have been diverting my shopping budget to my travel account so I could be a [...]

Sunday Market Ahmedabad

  Vagabonds meandering through the crowded ravivar market on a Sunday in Ahmedabad. It’s 528 year old living tradition, takes places on the river-front every Sunday. Merchants selling [...]

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