Would You Subscribe to a Socks Club?

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When I first heard of The Moja Club, I sincerely wondered if someone would actually subscribe to receiving new socks month on month. I was at my work desk when I discovered The Moja Club, so I turned around and asked everyone in my bay (mostly men), and 6 out of 8 of them said yes!

But we just celebrated the first day of Spring! Would you still buy as many socks? It turns out a lot of them buy more socks in summer than in winter because, hygiene!

Also, how many times have you wondered if your washing machine is feeding on your socks? Not on a pair but just one-half of the pair. Happens to me all the time and I think it’s a real mystery.

I’ve been going to the park early in the morning, so I need fresh socks every day. And I just read that there are 21 common kinds of foot conditions and most of them won’t affect you simply based on how many times you change your socks? This is why a subscription in the name of clean socks can help.

And off late I am all about subscriptions, they help me design my life better by reducing decision-making time. Monthly coffee powder subscription, weekly salad subscription, daily juice subscription and now I subscribe to socks too!

The Moja Club is supposed to be India’s first sock subscription club and if you are wondering how it works they have an explainer page where they tell you how to subscribe to The Moja Club, in case you are wondering how this works.

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