Vintage Sunglasses in Chandni Chowk, Delhi

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I had an eight-hour layover in Delhi, and all I could think of was heading to Chandni Chowk even before I could ensure my bags were being checked through. A dear Delhi-based friend of mine had told me about a guy who sold vintage sunglasses in Delhi about two years ago. Since then my only agenda when in Delhi was to find this guy. She had moved to Bombay and had forgotten the exact whereabouts.

Vintage Sunglasses in Delhi, Chandni Chowk

Since then I saw this mysterious vintage store mentioned in two prominent websites. But they both only left clues as to how to find this inconspicuous hideout!

“Expect to find him on the opposite side of KFC in Chandni Chowk” was what my friend told me. The place intimidates me as is and finding a vintage store whose address I didn’t know was almost a lost cause. Also, all stores there looks vintage!

After munching on three of the best parathas I had tasted in a while at Paratha Gali, I decided to brave the overcrowded lanes of Chandni Chowk. Meanwhile, I was warned by at least four auto rickshaw guys about how my backpack would tempt a petty thief to snatch and run!

P.S Remember to clutch your bag like a baby while here.

I crossed the road in front of KFC and marched into the first sunglasses store I found and asked him if he knew of this optician who stocked vintage frames. Even before I could complete my request, I was asked to find K.S Mathur & Co a store on the same side as I was.

Vintage Sunglasses in Delhi, Chandni Chowk

And there it was, right on the main road in plain sight! All that build up for nothing!

Mr. Mathur is a proud man who knows the value of what he is selling. Also, the first thing he asked me was which publication led me to his store. Meaning, he is not oblivious of his fame, so the only way to get a good price is too sweet talk and bargain hard!

Vintage Sunglasses in Delhi, Chandni Chowk

He has a couple of UV light bulbs in the store which has markings that are not visible to naked eye. But, if you wear a pair of glasses that have UV protection then the magic markings becomes apparent. The filament of the milk bulb is always visible through UV protected glasses! Mr. Mathur told me to use these as a test before buying sunglasses from any vintage store.

He stocks almost all major brands but, I mostly saw designs from Prada, Dior and Ray Bans that I really liked. The store is not fancy and digging through his stash is a task, but it’s worth it!

He gave me his number and told me we can transact over whatsapp if I needed to buy more glasses in the future. But it’s a logistical nightmare to do so and how many sunglasses will I really need?

Your best bet in finding vintage sunglasses in Delhi: K.S. Mathur & Co & Jeffery Optician, Opp Church 82, Chandni Chowk, Delhi -06

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  • Manpreet Kaur

    Chandni Chownk houses many such stores that are operating very well from matchstick-sized shops and are making huge profits due to word of mouth marketing and a number of excellent and unique products.
    Did you check the cloth market there? If yes, do share if you found something unique.

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