How To Buy Lingerie Without Breaking The Bank?

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Way back in 2005, Pretty Secrets started out as a brick and mortar boutique that sold nightwear on Linking Road in Mumbai. After experimenting and exploring various verticals in the lingerie retail segment, in 2012 Pretty Secrets metamorphosised into A pure-play e-commerce, dedicated to selling a vast variety in lingerie. Since then, Pretty Secrets is helping consumers match outfits with the right kind of innerwear without having to break the bank.

The trajectory of lingerie shopping in an offline store for me has never been a welcoming experience. Well intended lingerie saleswoman’s lack of professional knowledge will not stop her from handing out poor recommendations. They shroud their ignorance with unsolicited  pushy advice which at times has also turned out to be quite embarrassing. This memory, I am sure is widely relatable. Recall the time you have had to politely refuse unwanted help/recommendations/suggestions.  Post which you will agree that browsing a catalog seamlessly at your convenience is definitely what we lingerie shoppers crave for.

What to expect: The range offers, bras, sports bras, panties, thongs, swimwear, shapewears and sleepwear. From fun pastels, bold contrasts and quirky prints to dainty lace are all available minus unsolicited advice.

 Price Range: 179 to 1299. This only means, owning a good piece of lingerie is not so hard on the pocket any more.


pretty secrets lingerie - bra

Pretty secrets lingerie

Pretty secrets lingerie

pretty Secrets lingerie

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  • Ankan Adhikari

    Sadly there’s no comprehensive place for shoes (which we know just has to complement the lingerie). Here’s my manual effort in hunting down the perfect shaped pumps and several other shoes from the corners of sarojini market to the rare Steve madden sale, or the bankrupt miss sixty outlet – (rs 500 – 4k)

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